Our Story.


Photos used by permission

Drawing from her own life experiences both as an orthopedic patient and as a caregiver for physically disabled family members, Brenda Wilton, Founder of Authored, sought to develop an alternative to the bulky, uncomfortable, poorly-conceived, and in many cases unattractive and ill-fitting, clothing that home-bound and institutionalized individuals encountered daily. Brenda’s objective was to create clothing that would encourage people with physical constraints or health challenges to become more independent through the ability to dress themselves with greater ease.

Brenda discovered that, although some brands are marketed to “adaptive apparel” needs, and other brands say they are aimed at the aging population, there has been no high quality, attractive line of garments that are actually useful to both groups. In fact, the story of adaptive apparel has not been radically altered since its inception.

Until now.

Photos used by permission

Photos used by permission

The result of her efforts is a line of unique clothing that has defined an entirely new apparel category for seniors and others experiencing physical challenges with dressing.Authored clothing provides ease of donning and doffing, accompanied by style and comfort, not offered by any other apparel alternative. Our garments are fashionable and adaptive, as well as highly functional and extremely comfortable. We pay attention to details – reducing or eliminating irritating seams, using premium, durable fabrics, and critically positioning closures to reduce discomfort – and create clothing unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Brenda designed Authored clothing with physically-challenged and mentally-diminished individuals in mind. It reduces the risk of caregiver and user injury and allows care community residents to continue living in assisted living environments longer before transferring to skilled nursing environments. In addition, Authored clothing is helpful to those who suffer from Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s and many other catastrophic diseases.

Stay tuned for the release of Authored’s Summer 2016 line of men’s and women’s clothing – coming soon.