The Authored Difference

Authored offers classically-designed clothing, specifically engineered to provide ease in dressing and undressing.  It has timeless style, attractive fit, hidden accessibility features, and comfort and durability not offered by other apparel.

We’ve paid extraordinary attention to details in designing our clothing, including extensive development and testing.  We have incorporated practical feedback directly from real people experiencing many different types of physican constraints and health challenges

Our apparel allows individuals with weakness, limited mobility and other dressing challenges to look and feel themselves again, making every day better!


Our Apparel:

  • Gives opportunity to self-dress.
  • Increases safety and capacity to live independently
  • Decreases risk of fall or injury while dressing
  • Relieves physical & emotional strain & stress
  • Improves Quality of life, dignity and emotional well-being.

We Avoid Problematic Closures like:

  • Velcro can become stiff and sharp over time, raising the risk for skin tears.
  • Snaps whose pressure from closing can cause bruising and scrapes and heighten risk of dangerous skin infections.
  • Magnets that disrupt medical equipment or inconveniently attach to wheelchairs, walkers, or even washing machines and dryers.