• Engineered Apparel for Long Term Care

“We all deserve the opportunity to dress with independence and dignity, without pain, frustration and limited clothing options. I want to make that happen for seniors.” – CEO Brenda Wilton

Authored™ clothing provides stylish yet functional attire designed to make dressing and undressing easier for the user and caregiver, and offers a means of improving user comfort, dignity and independence. Authored™ understands that men and women – and their caregivers – can sometimes find it difficult to locate a fashionable and comfortable garment that is also easy to put on and take off. Whether the challenge comes as a result of illness, injury, aging or other causes, Authored™ clothing provides the desired combination of style, comfort, utility and variety, conveniently delivered.

Order Authored™ adaptive clothing on a limited basis beginning September, 2016.
Our full line will be available for order over the next two months.