Why Authored?

At some point in our life, we will either assist someone else with dressing or will be assisted with dressing. Our goal is to provide fashionable, functional clothing that will uplift the wearer's spirits. See why our clothing is the perfect solution for your dressing needs.


Prologue – Our passion is to support an underserved population in this way because...

Chapter 1 – Getting Dressed Daily is Essential

Chapter 2 – Typical Clothing No Longer Works

Chapter 3 – Care Partner’s Caring Shouldn’t Hurt

Chapter 4 – Aging is a Life Experience, Not a Medical Condition

Chapter 5 – Clothing Must Fit Both the Body and the Budget

Chapter 6 – Everyone's Story Deserves Dignity

Epilogue – ...Because we believe in a world where dressing has no limits. 


Providing stylish, functional, and comfortable garments with hidden accessibility features is our mission.

It is a fact that every morning we wake up a day older and needing to dress.  At some point in our lives, we will either assist someone with dressing or be assisted with dressing.  Until the moment an accident, illness, or other catastrophic event changes life as we knew it, we don’t give a second thought to the activity of getting dressed.  With the occurrence of one of those life-changing incidents, for ourselves or someone we love, we then find we can think of little else. 

Why Authored?  Because our clothing restores the dignity and independence stolen by a dressing challenge. 

No matter the cause of your dressing limitation, you will appreciate the attention to detail in every Authored garment. These timeless garments are constructed with excellence, from high-quality fabrics in styles that are both fashionable and functional. They allow an individual with limited mobility, weakness, or other challenge to look and feel like themselves again.

With Authored, we enable you to close the chapter on dressing limitations and write a new story!  Your search for adaptive apparel ends here. 


Over the years of developing this product and refining the brand, we’ve met countless people who have shared their stories with us.  Our lives are indeed like unique stories, written in a way that only we can tell.  There are many settings and characters.  Even plot twists and surprise endings.  What does the next chapter of your life hold?  Will you give Authored the privilege of being a part of your story?